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The movement of property in the market is an often misunderstood and complicated process.  Property is a product like any other and requires careful consideration as part of any budget, business plan or associated transaction. 
Wiggins Lockett Thompson can provide advice specific to your circumstances.  Initial advice is free of charge.

Whilst searching for a property is often seen as an appealing day out of the office, this can be a very complicated task.

With property being marketed in so many different ways, by so many different people, ensuring you are fully aware of every opportunity available in the market in the given area you are interested in, is no small task.

However.....this is what we do. Bring our experts in to scour the market for opportunities not simply available by way of a click of the mouse.  

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Be it for your company to occupy and lease back to yourself, being purchased via a SIPP or looking for an investment to sit within an existing pension portfolio to provide you with income and onward opportunities for growth in the future. Wiggins Lockett Thompson are in the market to provide you with up to date opportunities on and off the market.

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If your property were put on the market, what do we believe it might achieve given a full and targetted marketing programme and the benefit of access to enquiries currently in the market?  

With no obligation we would visit your premises and advise you on asking prices, items required to make the best of your property and a marketing strategy.

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Market Appraisals

What do you need a valuation for?  Do you need a formal document or just someone to stand alongside you and advise you on options? We're adaptable to your needs and budget.

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Property Valuations

We work locally in the West Midlands and beyond to provide pro-active and energetic agency services to local companies and property owners and also oversee and manage other agencies nationwide. We specialise in constant gathering of market intelligence to ensure quick and efficient disposal by whichever means is appropriate to your company.

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Sales & Lettings

Whilst leases are of course binding, there are often opportunities to negotiate a surrender either on behalf of the tenant, or on behalf of the landlord looking to vacate space outside of the contractual lease period. This is often a complicated negotiation which can include rental, business rates, service charge liabilities and allowing for repair to the building that may or may not have occurred.

This is an area of expertise our company has and we would be delighted to assist and advise.

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Surrender Negotiations

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