What Value is Sponsorship?

What Value is Sponsorship?

When my son turned 6 I took him to the local rugby club.  He took to it swiftly enough but as ever I couldn’t remain on the side lines so I got involved. I refereed poorly so took some coaching courses and then helped badly with that too and thereafter masterminding  a beginners session and ladies side. 

Eventually I put my hand up at the wrong time in a meeting lost four years as secretary of the junior committee and Chair.  All this time my lad was growing up and the club grew alongside him through the work of this committee.  I am proud to look back at the time I spent doing this.  In this time I also started Wiggins & Lockett (as was) and used the promotion opportunities afforded by a local rugby club to promote this business and my connections with the local businesses to raise money for the club, not only for the benefit of a growing and cash starved club, but of course for my son’s benefit by default.

He has since decided rugby is not for him (no, I’m not happy).  I play a few games but tend to get incredibly badly wounded every time so have hung up my boots.  Of all these things, what has really stayed with me is the impact a club such as this can have on individuals involved.  This in the same way as other local sports clubs creates community, long lasting friendships, promotes healthy attitudes towards life and fitness and activity. 

In short, I would urge more local companies to support social activities that they or their employees are involved in, especially if they are in an organised team or group.  The impact you can have on young lives by creating positive atmospheres and environments outside of school and the home, two places where people are full of stress and anguish, is invaluable.  I would hope that the days of genuine philanthropy have not long gone and folk do not undertake to support such teams just to satisfy their “Corporate Social Responsibility” requirements.  Simply do it because it’s the right thing to do in a community in which you are based.  Shout about it – why the hell not?

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