Schedules of Condition

Schedules of Condition

We asked Graham Thompson about what use Schedules of Condition are on commercial properties.

Graham advises,

“Schedules of Condition are prepared as a record of the state of repair and condition of a building when a new lease is taken.  This should limit the tenant responsibility to repair, redecorate and reinstate when the lease ends.  It doesn’t not, however, mean that tenants don’t have to keep their premises maintained!


A Schedule of Condition will normally incorporate photographs of all aspect of the building, inside and out and can include mechanical and electrical installations if necessary.  The inspection is also useful as it often identifies existing damage and disrepair which need, ideally, to be addressed straight away.”


In short, Schedule of Condition reduce argument and dispute.  That, bearing in mind potential sums involved, is no bad thing.

If you would like a comprehensive Schedule of Condition including in your lease mention it early.  We’d be happy to undertake one for you and your company.

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