Chestnut House, Kingswood Business Park, Holyhead Road, Albrighton, WV7 3AU

Who are they?

Suppliers of high definition CCTV equipment to households and businesses.

What do they do?

They provide the very highest quality CCTV images. The cameras & recorders for sale are all at least 1080P high definition and above (1080p is the same resolution as broadcast by BBC HD channels).  

How long have they been going?

In the business for over 30 years!

How long have they been at Kingswood?

They moved to Kingswood in 2015.

Comments on Kingswood Business Park:

Colin Willacy says “We were initially concerned about the internet speed available on the estate, but we need not have been concerned!

“What we really like the most though is how quiet it is up here, apart from the odd passing tractor there are no noisy distractions to our day".


Their Website: https://www.hdcctv.co.uk/

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