Another Acquisition Achieved!

Another Acquisition Achieved!


Acting on behalf of Connector Subsea Limited, Wiggins Lockett Thompson have secured 40,000 sq. ft allowing Connector Subsea Limited to relocate successfully. 

Undertaking an exercise to investigate the availability of space, Wiggins Lockett Thompson reported and secured space within the required timescale and advised and completed the lease working with Connector Subsea Limited’s legal team in short order.

Connector Subsea Limited, who are specialists in the oil pipeline maintenance industry have recently been acquired by a Norwegian operator, securing jobs in the West Midlands and Wiggins Lockett Thompson were pleased to be able to assist in their relocation and there are plans for future expansion and improvement of the premises.

Anthony Wiggins said, “Connector Subsea Solutions had undertaken some initial searches of their own and we were pleased to be able to advise of the prevailing market and negotiate a deal with incentives satisfactory to their needs and timescale.  Our specialist building surveyors further protected their interests with a substantial schedule of condition limited their ongoing repairing liability at the premises. 

“Wiggins Lockett Thompson are undertaking a number of searches for companies in the area which provides an efficient and professional overview of available properties together with the peace of mind that relevant opportunities that aren’t necessarily on the open market are not being missed.

“If Wiggins Lockett Thompson can assist your company in this regard, they would be pleased to hear from you.”

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