A unit in Telford for sale!!!! QUICK!!!

A unit in Telford for sale!!!!  QUICK!!!

We've been asked to find a buyer, or indeed a tenant then a buyer, for the 4800ish sq ft Unit 2 on Sovereign Park, on Halesfield 24 in Telford.  When I was in short trousers I sold this to its current owner - that was over 10 years ago.  It's plainly done them proud and now they’re moving on in life.  

They've spend a few bob increasing the amount of offices in there, putting an income producing Solar Array on the roof and extending the concreted area of the yard as well.

Normally I'd get twitchy about the amount of offices in here but now so at the moment.  The office stock in Telford is not in great shape and enquiry numbers for folks needing to put more offices in that are usually fitted (10-15%) are increasing....

Get in there sharpish folks. £300k or thereabouts with offers invited......

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